Mrs McGhie-Belgrave with portraits created by Young Artists at the Edge, Digbeth, for the Platinum Jubilee.
Shades of Black are working with partners to celebrate Her Majesty's reign with the local community and to document and create a self-portrait of our community now, while continuing workshops will develop a community garden, create artwork and interview local people: "Our project will engage and involve people in Stechford to celebrate Her Majesty's historic reign. In celebrating the Queen's PLATINUM Jubilee we are bringing our community together, fostering community engagement, resilience and inclusivity. Mrs McGhie-Belgrave MBE Friction Arts and People's Heritage Co-operative have already run workshops at the Edge, Digbeth and at Paganel and Corpus Christi Primary Schools, exploring royalty and what it means to call Britain your home: "To me it's my home. It's where I'm from." Lewis aged 10