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Mrs E Mcghie-Belgrave MBE

I arrived from the beautiful paradise island of Jamaica, West Indies, February 1957 after the Windrush years, when a memorable journey of a lifetime began. The reality of my arrival in England was that the survival skills which were taught to me by my parents became a vital and essential resource to my wellbeing.

My first impression on my arrival in England was how the cold weather and atmospheric conditions seemed to affect my daily life. The commercial and domestic architectural buildings by appearance seemed to be very different - both outside and inside. I suddenly realised that my learning curve would have to be very quickly adjusted.

My parents were poor but they had taught me good responsible attitudes towards family life, such as good communication skills and good etiquette.

I was twenty-two years of age when I was persuaded by my middleclass husband to be, Mr Chandia Davidson McGhie, to pursue this epic journey. Mr McGhie was a soldier in the British Royal Air Force between 1943 - 1949.

Christianity has always had great influence in my life. I grew up in a Christian household. I was about sixteen years of age when in a dream one night I met Jesus. Prayer, fasting and bible readings have been a tower of strength in surviving the struggles of life.

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