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Quest Millennium Awards 1999

With the assistance of Mr Malcome Currie, the application for funding to Quest Millennium Awards for Shades of Black Community Family Project was successfully achieved.

The individuals selected to be responsible for developing a project that would involve the multi-cultural community in Handsworth were Mrs E C McGhieBelgrave, Organising Secretary/Chairperson and Mrs S Hyman, Co-ordinator for Senior Citizens in SOB.

On the 23rd November - with a 5.45pm-6.00pm start - at Jaguar Cars Visitor Centre, Chester Road, Castle Bromwich, award winners were invited to attend and allowed to take a guest from the local community to participate in a certificate award presentation. On behalf of SOB, we both received a cash award, totalling £4,839. The finance is used for networking training programmes of activities for the local multi-cultural community in 'Creating Stronger Communities in Birmingham Through Developing Residents' Skills'.

The Quest Millennium Awards presentation was conducted by Simon Buxton, QMA Director, and Ms Vanessa Cusack, Awards Coordinator. Approximately eighty-nine individuals received cash awards for several different projects.

The planned training session programme of activities was carefully implemented, catering for the needs of young people, senior citizens and the local wider community people.

Quest Millennium Awards Presentation Ceremony 23 November 2000 at CBSO Centre Berkley Street

It was a privilege and honour to present a humble contribution at the Quest Millennium Awards presentation ceremony as a representative of Shades of Black (SOB) Community Family Project.

The presentation did establish and enforce an overview of planning strategies. SOB endorse Positive Action, good client communication skills, involved participants in good working relationship, develop basic workable. programme of activities, be very responsible and inform and involved local community people at the beginning for a realistic expectation of goals achievements.

The contribution presentation of shared experience was well received from winners, participants and Quest Millennium Awards professionals.

This was understood to be the first time that an Award winner was approached to contribute to such a prestigious event. A magical moment experienced by all participants.


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