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Mission Statement
Shades of Black Community Family Projects genuine approach to quality care is to enhance the life skills of the community. This involvement is a vital and essential part of our programme development e.g., good communication skills which enable achievements in quality care, especially when working in a multiracial society in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Social activities are skilfully encouraged and developed with choices in service delivery to a multiracial community. Shades of Black volunteers have played, and will always play key roles in skilful interaction with the Senior Citizens, Young People and the Housebound.

This simple non intervention, self motivation, and self supporting approach is the hallmark which makes Shades of Black a dynamic and unique organisation, meeting the needs of most participants and is in essence, our quality care philosophy.

Shades of Black Family Project Committee Members have worked hard through social activities, and used good communication skills to avoid racial tension in the neighbouring community.

Achieving our goal involves a two way process linking in organisations, and making use of resources that are available to meet the needs of the community. With the aid of planned social activities, people are encouraged towards achieving goals, and enjoying a better quality of life.


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